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Vegetable Samosa (2pc) Vegetarian

Crispy pastries made with potatoes, green peas, and homemade spices.
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Spring Roll (3pc) Vegetarian

Fresh cut seasonable vegetables and noodle rolled with pastries and de...
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Onion Bhaji Vegetarian

Fresh cut onion dipped in chickpea batter and deep-fried.
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Chicken Wings Gluten free

Chicken wings marinated with tandoori spices and grilled in tandoori o...
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Veg. Manchurian Dry Gluten free

Fresh finely chopped cabbage, carrot, cilantro, marinated with chickpea...
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Pico De Gallo Gluten freeVegetarian

Tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, cilantro & fresh lime served with house-made...
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Chicken Pakoda Gluten free

Chicken battered in seasoned chickpea flour and deep fried served with...
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Chilli Chicken Dry SpicyGluten free

Fresh chicken breast marinated with homemade spices dipped in flour batter...

French Fries Vegetarian

Allumette cut deep crispy fried PEI potatoes.
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Chicken 65

Chicken 65 Gluten free

Chicken breast strips marinated in 65 different spices, lightly coated...
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Chilli Paneer Dry SpicyGluten free

Fresh cheese marinated with chili sauce, soya sauce & ginger garlic dipped...
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Fish Pakoda

Fish Pakoda Gluten free

Basa Fish battered in seasoned in seasoned chickpea flour and deep fried...

Chicken Lollipop SpicySpicyGluten free

Chicken wings marinated with homemade spices, eggs dipped in chickpea flour...
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Dragon Chicken Dry

Dragon Chicken Dry SpicyGluten free

Chicken breast strips marinated in homemade chili garlic sauce dipped in...
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Chilli Fish Dry SpicyGluten free

Basa Fish marinate homemade chili sauce dipped in flour batter and deep-fried...